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KODAIKANAL is one of the few remaining unspoiled hill resorts in the country covering an area of 22 Sq. Km at an altitude of 2,133 metres (7000 feet) above sea level, SITUATED IN THE STATE OF Tamil Nadu in South India.

Average temperature during the summer/winter/monsoon months is:
  Maximum Minimum
Mid November to Mid February (Winter) 16.5˚C 9˚C
Mid March to Mid June (Summer) 20˚C 12˚C
July to Mid November (Monsoon) 17˚C 10˚C

This hill station receives both the South West and North East monsoons. It receives some rainfall almost every month. Though the official season is between April and June each year, for the rest of the year the air is crisp, humidity at its lowest and the sun warm in the mornings.

The air is clean and the climate bracing at all times of the year. Never hot in Summer never cold in Winter. Being 10 degrees North of the Equator, snow is unknown, but ground frost may occur between December and February.

The indigenous vegetation comprises of Sholas or compact evergreen forests and grasslands.

Kodaikanal has diverse meanings but it is known “THE END OF THE FOREST”.

Kodaikanal is well connected by air rail and road. It  is four  hours from Coimbatore Airport (175 km), three hours from Madurai Airport (120 km) and two hours from Kodaikanalroad Railway Station (80 km) (for trains coming/going from/to Chennai, Bangalore, Calcutta, Mumbai, Delhi and  Jammu, etc.,)

This quaint hill station still remains untouched by time and unspoilt by civilization. Kodaikanal is a place that is completely secluded from the madding crowd and that is what making  it one of the very few loveable hill stations in India. Kodaikanal has created a niche for itself with its intoxicating air, breathtaking scenery and serenity that you can hardly find in any hill station in the Himalayas.

The Carlton,  a most beautiful hill resort is spread over 3.75  acres, is situated on the hillcrest overlooking the Kodai Lake, and surrounded by nature at its very best, within walking distance of most of the scenic and sightseeing spots. The Carlton is an epitome of beauty, serenity, and the colonial charm.

The Hotel is well planned and constructed to aesthetically blend with the surroundings, the property has  beautifully landscaped gardens, with wide  selection of flowers, plants and shrubs.

With its regal aura of exclusiveness, The Carlton is aptly called The Capital of Kodaikanal.
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